Dr Kumar Guru Mishra had the passion to become a designer since childhood though destiny and brilliance guided him to become a master in one of the noblest professions. Being surrounded by siblings who had a luxurious taste of fashion, style became a forte for him. Trying new things, twisting regular patterns and combining statements never ever tried, he created an array of designs loved and appreciated by near and dear ones. In spontaneity he decided to embark upon this beautiful venture of glamour and when he shared this with a very dear friend, he poured on his whole-hearted support. One thing led to the other and this led to the emergence of the brand "G", the letter derived from Guru. He has always believed in creating trends rather than following them. Being an artist himself, he sees fabrics in ways they can be converted to utter elegance and pride. He goes by the philosophy that every piece of design must be unique, non-repetitive and enhance the persona of the one adorning it. His collections draw inspiration from various parts of India and the world and portray excellence and luxury. Representing India in an international platform has always been his motto, and he always mentions that he has miles to go before he sleeps.