Ikat, the age old art-form of India has created an everlasting impression in my mind. The threads, the colours, the process mesmerized me and made me visit the weavers to had a glimpse of the process and understand its intricacies. But this exquisite art is getting lost in a fathomless void and the weavers refrain from slogging in woeful conditions to create the same patterns passed on from generation to generation. This initiative is to revive the traditional ikat and provide it a contemporary look in order to showcase its diversity, its ability to gel in varied couture, its inherent nature to be sophisticated. Woven in mulberry silk over months to get the perfect weave, this collection portrays the art emanating from remote villages of Odisha in a unique light and aims to help the weavers get their desired recognition. The whole concept of the collection – REVIVAL – has been brought to life in a remote village, Nuapatana in Cuttack District of Odisha over a period of 15 months with 10 weavers.