We at Brand "Kumar Guru Mishra" bring out your inner self in the best possible way. Every thread of every couture reflects different aspects of your persona. The designs are made out of passion and thorough research to create a medley that is vibrant yet subtle. We promote and vouch for Indian handloom, textiles and believe that nothing brings out the best in a person more than ethnic wear. We are trying our level best to revive the dying art and heritage of India in every possible way. A hint of India even in western clothes adds to the elegance and makes it a masterpiece. We create ensembles with no plagiarism and each creation has an aura that will bestow you with the confidence to entice the universe. Each of the collections draws an inspiration from certain elements and is put forth in ways never imagined before. Perfectionism is what we believe in and will love to go miles in order to achieve the same. This brand is the brainchild of a doctor and that speaks volumes about the amount of hard work and determination that has been put into creating the brand as we must never let our dreams die.